fifteen   eighteen nineteen years of february albums... i still haven't counted the songs.

2022 just tacked on here... all still unkempt.

here is a sloppy collection of links to these sloppy february songs.
stuff is scattered all over the place. more gathering might yet occur...

2004    old webpage    21-song zipfile (97 MB)    founding fawm
2005    old webpage    19-song zipfile (101 MB)    little naked milestone
2006    old webpage    18-song zipfile (94 MB)    memories of horses
2007    old webpage    15-song zipfile (66 MB)    headwaters
2008    old webpage    16-song zipfile (67 MB)    aniak trains
2009    old webpage    I 19-song zipfile (81 MB)    II 14-song zipfile (53 MB)    III 17-song zipfile (82 MB)
                       the high road in hard times
2010    old webpage    25-song zipfile (132 MB)    mastered album (150 MB)
                       the night country
2011    old webpage    AM (62 MB)    PM (68 MB)    feast (45 MB)
                       world spins once
2012    old webpage    17-song zipfile (84 MB)    through the auricle
       old webpage    14-song zipfile (52 MB)    FEAST
2013      no webpage    16-song zipfile (53 MB)    FEAST X
2014    old webpage    20-song zipfile (102 MB)    songs from the offing
2015    old webpage    14-song zipfile (48 MB)    oldside (of the ocean)
       old webpage    most songs unrecorded    stateside
2016      no webpage    i was sick. huge unrealized concept album...
2017      no webpage    16-song zipfile (51 MB)    body grooves
2018    new webpage    15-song zipfile (51 MB)    bushy-tailed smiles
2019    2019 webpage    14-mp3 zipfile (55 MB)    to the core
2020    2020 webpage    20-mp3 zipfile (80 MB)    true romance
2021    2021 webpage    old morning

2022    a passion for declivity