songs from the offing

download 20 mp3s in a 102MB zipfile

individual mp3s:

01 51˚ 4.5MB
02 theme from the offing 5.0MB
03 cantina song 8.0MB with johnny tulsa
04 all up and down the seaside 5.3MB
05 beaches made of gold 3.8MB
06 what you think I 8.5MB words mostly by kim barlow
06 what you think II 6.2MB words mostly by kim barlow
07 water cycle I 4.1MB with johnny tulsa
07 water cycle II 3.0MB with johnny tulsa
08 wish i was there 9.3MB with johnny tulsa
09 a rhotic love song 3.7MB
10 back when we farmed cabbage 6.2MB with johnny tulsa and tinseltown
11 song for the polar bear 6.7MB
12 ayahuasca 3.5MB with tinseltown
13 on yonder mountain 3.9MB
14 why do you make your mother so sad? 5.3MB
15 theme from the launderette 3.9MB with johnny tulsa
16 last island song 4.8MB
hold your tongue 4.2MB performed and mostly written by kim barlow
last song of the fawm 3.6MB written and mostly performed by kim barlow

notes, lyrics, and streaming jukebox coming soon.

some stuff is at the FAWM website.