the old side of the ocean


February Album Writing Month 2015

all songs conceived and written feb. 1-11 in europe.
all songs recorded feb. 7-28 in europe and the USA.

  1 off to the races    mp3    txt    vid
  2 last days of leden    mp3    txt    vid
  3 journal entry    mp3    txt    vid
  4 spelling it out    mp3    txt   
  5 dropping names    mp3    txt    vid
  6 down at the square    mp3    txt    vid
  7 bayonets    mp3    txt   
  8 tightrope    mp3    txt    vid
  9 psychometer    mp3    txt   
10 the ridge    mp3    txt    vid
11 côte d'ivoire    mp3    txt    vid
12 pohled z prahy    mp3    txt
13 co widziała wojna    mp3    vid
14 the old side of the ocean    mp3    txt    vid

download the 14-mp3 zipfile (48MB)
download the 13-page lyric PDF

fireball FAWM 2015 ~ stateside album

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