February Album Writing Month 2012

All songs completely conceived,
written, and recorded in the second month of 2012.

2-1 song for jenn
2-2 and but for the sky
2-3 ooh la la la nina
     when the well has run dry *
2-4 song for fidel
2-5 the big game
2-6 scrawny-legged tina
2-7 song for buffalo
2-8 chernobyl
2-9 not saying this is good
2-10 song for the serpent
2-11 sun melts the snow electric
2-12 dozens
2-13 effi letzpants
2-14 auricle
2-15 morning after
     when winter ends **

           * words by blindkiwi
           ** music by eric distad

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