september 13, 2018              olomouc
     emerging from torpor
     energies have been elsewhere, limited though they might be
     been lately sifting through the digital debris
     we'll stumble through the yard
     so many relics to stumble upon
     with luck, this portal will become slightly more organized and functional
     the squares shall all become like links
     and i'll put up a rain video after the rainy season

  welcome to new stuyahok (with sarah) mp3

september 23, 2018              olomouc
     third year of olomouc med school has begun
     it promises to be chronically challenging
     questionably enlightening
     and fleetingly fun
     so much medicine to stumble upon
     with luck, this world will stay gorgeous
     some of us do have to live like a refugee
     waiting for the rain

  Pathophysiology 7th ed. by McCance
'salright, dog (with sonny golden) mp3

october 14, 2018              olomouc
     four weeks into year three
     if people weren't sick
     we wouldn't need penicillin
     not much free time on the horizon
     but instead of studying this evening
     i killed the whole night making this thing...
     first single from KNOWN ONLY FROM FOSSILS


november 29, 2018              olomouc
     new tricks
     adam ondra on the dawn wall
     czech pride
     ring them holiday bells
     missed tim easton in vienna
     missed grant lee phillips in wherever
     will settle for mňága a žďorp in december
song about a girl
     with jody

december 17, 2018              olomouc
three french toast
two turtlenecks
and a beer in a tree

     hoka hey
     live it up
     or we'll hear about it




laugh a little slower, kids


2019 everybody get with it     
that shining jewel of olomouc
new year's day in nome
(with leighton)


it's february again.     

northwest passage (with gabka) (and some Polish)

march 8, 2019      olomouc      europe

going to amsterdam 19 years later

april 6, 2019      prague      europe

cowboy song
dinner in prague 20 years later
some groovy things this weekend in prague:
prague half marathon
prague old guy concert

june 26, 2019      sometime after solstice

my brain is hanging upside down.
o eva, ode to avett -- fawm 2013
some groovy things every day
see new places. learn new things.

july 18, 2019      ostrava, moravia-silesia
you need a big god.
florence and/or the machine told me that last night. i suppose it's been out there for awhile, but i wasn't listening.
today i saw opal ocean from oz. and they have a ted talk. for the rest of the fest, i'm concentrating on oz bands. and the cure.
come looking for the spice isles, and montezuma
come looking for the gold, and charlie chaplin
come looking for the silver screen,
i come looking for bonds
bonds come looking for the cure

     -- "rincon" by dan bern
you search up "dan bern bonds" and you get this one.
you gotta know what you're looking for in this world.

october 5, 2019      červenohorské sedlo
i keep hearing rumours that the site might actually see some wonderful additions...

but they didn't happen while i was out west... too busy with business... took pictures out the windows... now it's back to the czech med grindstones and rhinestones, such as they are...
i got the number of some girl in north dakota...
and tonight it's raining and windy in sedlo, and all i want is to do some autumn hiking in the local mountains.
and foucault still writes the best stuff on his website.

october 21, 2019      lost in europia
i googled "europe" and noticed that austria is in it. in fact, it's right next to czechoslovakia. and only 101 years ago, they were the same country/empire. i googled eliud kipchoge about 12 hours before he ran a sub-2 marathon in vienna. the next day, coco gauff won a tennis tournament in linz. if i knew more about what's going on in the world, i could've made a nice weekend of it. on friday, someone asked me about the wiccans. i was happy about that -- a good and seasonally appropriate question. except it was just a garbled english version of "weekend".
everyone should know more about adam ondra.

december 21, 2019      long is the night



december 25, 2019     
when you first took my hand on a cold christmas eve...
And there were in the same country shepherds abiding
in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.
And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them,
and the glory of the Lord shone round about them:
and they were sore afraid.
And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold,
I bring you good tidings of great joy,
which shall be to all people.

december 31, 2019     
and a little something something for the holidays...

april 3, 2020     
en el tiempo de corona

there's more to come...
stay safe, stay observant, and may god be with you.

june 9, 2020     
world gone viral

some sort of summertime...
four years of olomouc med school down.
summer plans and hemispheres still uncertain.

july 25, 2020
nothing to see here

the comet stays obscured in clouds and light.
two months of moravian downtime and then
what will become of the fall semester?
though the world be full of pandemics, polemics, placebos,
and pots of gold,
i'll be holed
up looking for the cure.
june day out in the jeseníky
july weekend in the beskydy
viral farming medley vimeo pdf

august 30, 2020
three weeks till the new semester


november 26, 2020
happy thanksgiving
celebrated by just a small fraction of the global population...
but gratitude is universal, right?
the global scene has meant tough times for many...
but it's led to a lot of music online.
which allowed me to play a US open mic recently (if only virtually)
for the first time in over 4 years.

it apparently alienates half of the US, but i'm pleased with the results of the election... even if my absentee vote was in alaska, where all of my national candidates lost. the alienated half won't be interested in these links, but i like what these folks have to say about the alienation:
barack obama
jeffrey foucault
dave chappelle

january 1, 2021
happy new year
from pretty much everyone here at fireball HQ...

and don't forget the fireball holiday album.
     the november passim open mic
     the video for "in the wee"
barack obama
jeffrey foucault
dave chappelle

january 29, 2021
almost february again...
18th February Album Writing Month
old enough to drink in europe

     november passim open mic
     video for "in the wee"
     video for "packages"

october 21, 2021
almost february again...
the summer of love's gone, she said, as the leaves came crashing down...
last year of olomouc med school... counting down the months...
got honza into the šumperk studio for the med school album!!


november 22, 2021
getting back to our roots...

only the drum machine's been paid...
honza and vašek on "jim" in šumperk

april 26, 2022

finally finished off the med school gig...
mixing down the med school album