Back in 2010, I took trains from Šumperk to Saigon. I filmed hours of train and travel. I had this plan to make a fireball dvd, with live music performances and other random vid clips, all tied together with a running train narrative. Somehow I never got very far with that project. But I did collect 22 song videos -- either live performances or demo videos -- and I got the audio tracks mastered. The audio quality is varied, but generally low. But here are those audio tracks. Some of the videos are on youtube. Some might be on some hard drive somewhere. Some might be only memories.

moving windows soundtrack mp3 (22-song zipfile - 123MB)
1. the dying embers fireball & the secretkeepers SGC show, the marlin fairbanks, ak 1-27-2006 7:53
2. gori (songs of freedom) fireball & the secretkeepers SGC show, the marlin fairbanks, ak 1-27-2006 9:53
3. bekka jean coup de deux the snowgoose anchorage, ak 12-22-2006 1:22
4. the eel in your chowder coup de deux the mine shaft tavern madrid, nm 3-20-2007 2:51
5. ballad of carne blanco (keech) coup de deux the blue dragon albuquerque, nm 4-2-2007 3:27
6. carmen the kebab girl youtube fireball demo fairbanks, ak july 2007 3:17
7. trains from the west fireball demo aniak, ak nov 2007 3:47
8. the angel train fireball FAWM 2008 demo trans-siberia train feb 2008 3:09
9. coffee song youtube fireball & the thneeds the fairview inn talkeetna, ak feb 2008 4:02
10. on the road again youtube fireball demo aniak, ak feb 2008 1:52
11. sally garden medley youtube fireball & the halfbreeds clucking blossom IV fairbanks, ak may 2008 4:54
12. a new homeward youtube fireball college coffeehouse fairbanks, ak july 2008 2:33
13. sara (stange) youtube fireball the kingfisher cooper landing, ak july 2008 3:23
14. another train! youtube fireball duggan's homer, ak july 2008 6:16
15. long way home youtube fireball & nils is hot kharacters homer, ak aug 2008 4:35
16. far from carolina youtube fireball & honza & gaba čajkovského 26 šumperk, cz july 2009 5:25
17. the birds & the bees fireball jasmine kampot, cambodia july 2009 4:46
18. new year's adam fireball bodhi villa kampot, cambodia july 2009 3:04
19. albuquerque lullaby (dan bern) fireball bodhi villa kampot, cambodia july 2009 3:52
20. snowman youtube fireball demo nome, ak dec 2009 3:47
21. going to ecuador youtube fireball & mom & sis santa fe brewing co. santa fe, nm 1-6-2010 5:32
22. down off the mountain youtube fireball & kim beggs demo diomede, ak june 2010 3:01